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Tips For Your Well-Being As A College Student

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College is fun, but it can be challenging. For the first time in your life, you are totally and completely free. You make your own decisions and you have to care for yourself.

Eastern Kentucky University understands that students may have difficulties adjusting to this newfound independence when they begin college. Since we have this understanding, we want to make sure that you are coming into college prepared to care for yourself! So, we have created a few tips for your personal well-being as a student:

Drink a lot of water.

As you move from class to class throughout the week, it is important to keep in mind that you must remain hydrated! Purchase a reusable water bottle and keep your bottle full by using many of our water stations on the #CampusBeautiful.

Get plenty of sleep.

When you move into residence halls, you make friends. When you make friends, you want to spend all of your time together. EKU understands that you are trying to make memories as you stay up into the late night hours, but it is important that you get plenty of rest! Getting plenty of sleep is healthy for your mind and body.

Eat well-balanced meals.

As a college student, it can become easy to make unhealthy eating choices. And those unhealthy eating choices can easily become unhealthy eating habits. Make sure that you are making good choices when it comes to your food. Sugar may help you feel awake for a while, but eventually you’ll crash. Eat your veggies!

You can find good, well-balanced meals in the Upper Case Dining Hall at EKU. There's even a salad bar!

Stay active.

Did you know that physical exercise is not only healthy for your body, but for your mind? That’s right! Exercise can actually help increase your focus, which is great for class and studying, right? So, make sure that you take a run around the #CampusBeautiful or that you visit Campus Recreation for a fitness class or to use one of our many exercise machines.

Practice self-care.

When you come to college, you are caring for yourself and working hard for your future. All those hours of studying and attending classes can become a bit overwhelming at times. With that said, it is important to practice self-care. When you engage in self-care, you are able to de-stress and relax your mind!

Stay connected with your loved ones.

When you move away from home for college, you have a lot of independence. With that freedom, it is easy to get swept up in your new life. However, do not forget the importance of staying in contact with your loved ones. Call your parents, make plans with friends from home, and make sure that those who love you know that you are doing well!

Make good friends.

Throughout this entire blog, we’ve continuously mentioned that you are on your own and you have this newfound freedom. Although that freedom can feel like a relief, you don’t want to enjoy all of that freedom alone. You need good friends in college. You need friends to eat lunch with, to study with, and friends to keep you sane when you’re stressing out during finals week. So, get out there, join one of our many RSO’s, and make friends!

Student rubbing Daniel Boone's golden toe

We hope that these tips helped! What do you think are more good tips for well-being as a college student? Tweet us with your thoughts!

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Published on February 14, 2019