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An Inside Look at Campus Tours

Colonel Journal: Guiding your transition to colonel country

Hey there, #FutureColonel and Family!

Want to know what a campus tour is all about? Here’s your chance for a sneak peek! We want every step of your journey on campus to be confident and fun, so lucky for you we sent one our employees along on a tour specifically to give YOU in the inside scoop!


Alumni Coliseum

When you arrive at EKU, you will drive to the Alumni Coliseum parking lot. To the left, you will see an image of the building that you will see when you arrive. We have parking spots marked, just for our tour guests! However, if you do not find parking in this location, it is okay to park elsewhere.

The Welcome Center (Whitlock Building)

 Water Tower

When you arrive on the #CampusBeautiful, you will walk directly to the Whitlock Building. Pass Alumni Coliseum on the left side, walk by the water tower and into the five-story building that will be directly in front of you.

Once inside Whitlock, you will visit the Welcome Center (pictured below) to check in. After check-in, visitors may have a seat and begin listening to the presentations that have been prepared. You will have the opportunity to hear from a current staff member, EKU students, and learn more about prominent EKU Alumni.

 Welcome Desk

All Aboard the Shuttle!

EKU Shuttle

After the presentations have ended, you will be placed with a specific tour guide. Your tour guide will lead you toward the back of the Whitlock Building, where you will board the trolley or EKU Shuttle. During this time, you will be touring around campus from the comfort of an air-conditioned/heated shuttle. Your tour guide will share information about the buildings you see, offer you fun facts, and inform guests of which majors find their home away from home in specific locations. Throughout this portion of the tour, you will have the opportunity to view every side of campus (yes, even across the bypass!). Buildings you may see during the trolley ride include Model Laboratory School, the Stratton Building, Business and Technology Building, Roy Kidd Stadium, and more!

Building Walk-Throughs

Building Walk-Through

While riding the trolley, you will have the opportunity to hop off the bus and visit specific buildings. The building featured in the photo to the right is our New Science Building. Your tour guide will later lead you into locations, such as the Crabbe Library and Lower/Upper Case Dining Hall. During this time, your guide will provide you with plenty of information, including free printing at the library, checking items in and out, how meal swipes work, flex dollars, and more! A special bonus at the end of the tour is that you even get a sneak peek at residence hall on campus!

Break for Good Luck

Daniel Boone

When you reach the Keene Johnson Building, you will get off the trolley and/or shuttle bus for the last time. At this point, your tour guide will share information about this area of campus and the Daniel Boone Statue. For more years than we can count, students (and even faculty and staff) say rubbing Daniel Boone’s golden toe will give you good luck. Students will rub his toe before an exam, during finals week, and maybe even before asking someone out on a date! During this portion of the tour, you will have the opportunity to take a break for a selfie with our popular statue and rub Daniel Boone’s golden toe.

Visiting More of the #CampusBeautiful

Campus Tour

After this, you will be led around campus and will visit even more locations. As you enter various buildings, your tour guides will offer you plenty of information that is important for all incoming freshmen to know.

Wrapping Up!

Singing the Class of 2023 Banner

After all of your walking is finished, your tour guide will lead you back to the Whitlock Building. There, you will have the opportunity to sign your name on the Class of 2023 Banner! After you have signed the banner, taken any pictures you’d like, and asked the final questions you have, your tour will conclude. You can visit Case Dining Hall and grab some lunch, get a coffee at the Starbucks located in the Powell Building, simply explore the campus even more, or head home!

So, the question is: When do you plan to visit the #CampusBeautiful?

Click here to sign up. We can’t wait to welcome you!

Go Colonels!

Published on November 20, 2018