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Thankful for EKU

Colonel Journal: Guiding your transition to colonel country

At Eastern Kentucky University, there is a lot to be thankful for! Before writing this blog post on the Colonel Journal, we took some time to reflect on the #CampusBeautiful and consider what we truly feel thankful for!

The following is the list of locations and things that we are thankful for at EKU:

  • Small class sizes: The student/teacher ratio at EKU is about 17-1 and the average class size is 25 students.
  • Center for Career & Co-Op:  Their mission is to provide and support comprehensive high-quality career and cooperative education services to EKU students and alumni, facilitating career development and readiness, experiential learning and employment goals.
  • The Counseling Center: The EKU Counseling Center is committed to the promotion and celebration of diversity in all of its forms. We seek to provide a safe, welcoming, and affirming environment for all persons that seek our services-our doors are open to all current EKU students. Counseling services are provided at no cost for students who are eligible. These services are confidential as delineated by Kentucky State Law and American Psychological Association (APA) Code of Ethics.
  • Center for Student Accessibility: It is the mission of the Center for Student Accessibility (CSA) to ensure that all students, at Eastern Kentucky University, are provided equal access to the campus at large; the physical environment, university-related programs, and activities by providing individualized accommodations/modifications, advocacy, academic guidance, collaborative programming, and outreach.
  • Small school feel, big school opportunities: EKU offers the benefits of a small campus feel (you can walk from one end of campus to the other within only 15 minutes),while also providing students with big school opportunities. Reach for your dreams with EKU!
  • New construction: Although construction around the #CampusBeautiful can be messy, we are super thankful for it. The construction is enhancing our beautiful campus and bringing even more opportunities to our students.
  • New on-campus restaurants: Steak n’ Shake, Moe’s, and Panda Express, oh my! Do we even have to say anything else about this? There is plenty of new, delicious food on-campus at EKU and we are very thankful for that.

As you can see, we are very thankful for Eastern Kentucky University! Now that we have shared our list, we want to know what YOU think! Tweet us with why you feel thankful for EKU. Since we are feeling full of gratitude, we may even offer some prizes for sharing their thankfulness about EKU!

Happy Thanksgiving, Colonels!

Go Colonels!

Published on November 20, 2018