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Winter at the #CampusBeautiful

Colonel Journal: Guiding your transition to colonel country

Winter is a wonderful time of year at the #CampusBeautiful. Yes, it does get cold but there is some magic that happens when the weather gets cooler!

So, what do students at Eastern Kentucky University do during the winter? Well, since we figured you might ask that question, we have compiled a short list of activities that students love to do during the winter months!

  1. Campus Closures: The first thing to know is that regional campuses and/or the main Richmond campus may be closed on snowy days. Yep, you can still get a snow day in college! You can keep an eye out for closures by checking your EKU email or by checking online at
  2. Sledding: Unleash your inner child by going sledding at the Intramural Fields! These fields have good-sized hills that are perfect to sled down. Get together with your closest friends and spend a day playing in the snow.
  3. Hot Beverages: After you’ve finished playing in the snow or while you’re walking to class in the cold weather, you might feel the urge to have a hot beverage. Well, if that is the case, you are in luck! Since EKU has an on-campus Starbucks and Java City, you can stop by to grab a hot coffee or a hot chocolate.
  4. Decorations: When do you decorate for Halloween? The sooner, the better, right? We agree! Anyways, when you are a student at EKU, you can decorate your residence hall for Christmas! String lights around your room, put up a small tree, and maybe even listen to some Christmas music during the process.
  5. Gift Exchange: EKU’s campus does close for a few weeks in the winter around Christmas. However, many students exchange gifts with the new friends they have made before leaving for break!

Doesn’t that sound great?! If you are curious about seeing the #CampusBeautiful in the winter, register for a campus visit. We’d love to see you!

Go Colonels!

Published on November 20, 2018